Terms And Conditions Of Our Services

1.1 Our trading service is an electronic service and you specifically consent to us communicating with you by email, by SMS, by letter or telephone and/or by any other electronic means or methods agreed in writing. We will not send a paper form of any communication sent to you unless you request us to do so. We reserve the right to charge for communications and/or documents sent to you in a paper form.

1.2 You confirm that you have regular access to the internet and consent to us providing you with information about us and our services (including the Market Information), our costs and charges, information about our Products, our Notices and Policies and any other information that we are required to provide to you pursuant to FCA Rules by email or by posting such information on our Website or the Trading Platform. This is without prejudice to any rights you may have to request copies of the information or, by notifying us in writing, to receive such information in hard copy, rather than by email or other electronic means. We reserve the right to charge for information and/or documents sent to you in a paper form.

1.3 We will deal with you as principal and not as agent on your behalf. This means that any Trades are agreed directly between you and us and we will be the counterparty to all of your Trades.

1.4 Unless we agree otherwise in writing, you will also deal with us as principal and not as an agent or representative of another person. You will not permit any person to deal on your behalf unless we agree that such person (the “Agent”) can act on your behalf. We will be entitled to rely on any instructions given to us by the Agent in relation to your Account. We may require confirmation that the Agent has authority to act on your behalf at any time we reasonably consider appropriate.

1.5 In order to ensure that we can deal with you and discharge our obligations under applicable laws and regulations, you will provide us, as appropriate, with your legal entity identifier (“LEI”) (provided you are eligible for one) or such other information relating to, for example, your nationality as we will require to determine your national client identifier.


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